Just A Quick Note


While I’m trying to figure out the world of blogging I’ll just keep it simple. Expect to see repeated changes to the layout, theme etc while I try to make up my mind and if you happen to see a grammatical f*** up, let me know – I tend to be a bit air-headed at the best of times.

To give you a bit of an idea of who I am…

I’m a 20-something year old female from South East Queensland. As you have probably guessed my name is not ‘Maggie Mae’. I’m a bit reluctant to post pictures of myself or use my real name because I feel that writing a blog on my life might be seen as pretentious, and I supposed it is a little. So rather than throw myself into the firing line I’ll be masquerading as Maggie Mae – Stolen from the Beatles song by the same name… And yes this song is about a prostitute but that persona fits well.

If you haven’t had the chance (or have been too lazy) to have a sticky beak at my profile, here is what a short paragraph that describes me;

‘Love. Peace. Happiness.

Social Justice. Animal Rights.

I dance like no ones watching, sing like no one can hear me and love unconditionally.

I appreciate the smaller things… Rainbows, Tattoos, The smell of the rain, Smiles, Sweets, Bright objects, Poetry, Sparkles, Making people happy, A comfy bed, Long drives, Yoga, Massages, Freedom, Sunshine, Dreams and Second Chances.’

I may use a lot of Beatles references as I am, for lack of a better word, obsessed! I love everything they stand for, I love their music and well, I wouldn’t kick those boys out of bed 😉 although George is a different kettle of fish, that broody, angry look just doesn’t get me going. For now I think that pretty much sums me up, I’ll be posting regularly once I get a grip on things and have recruited a few readers. Talk soon! xo


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