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Beauty is Thine Tree


The beauty and simplicity which is thine tree,

Symbolises all life and all that is free,

The leaves which it bears, high on its branch,

Provide a vision, of life enhanced,

Through the eyes of this, thine tree, what does it see?

To this pure substance, what does life appear to be?

The humble existence, that entrances my mind,

Is surely of value to those willing to find,

Peace and tranquility, among nature’s best,

Thine tree’s truth and prosperity, leaving humans bereft,

It is with immense grace that thine tree eludes,

The harshest reality, by which humanity’s consumed.

Me =D




On this day, in 1970, Sir Paul McCartney announced the split of The Beatles, due to ‘musical differences’ causing a reported conflict between members.

The break up came 7 years and 12 records since the formation of the band, and 13 years after Paul McCartney was approached by a young John Lennon after a Quarrymen gig in Liverpool (John Lennon’s band prior to The Beatles). Paul was playing his guitar backstage, as soon as John heard his playing, John was ‘impressed by his talent’ and asked him to join the Quarrymen. This, marked the birth of one of the biggest, and most influential pop groups in musical history to date.

32 years on, the ex Jam front man, musical genious, Paul Weller becomes the latest to share his opinion on Saturday night ‘Talent shows’, telling the Radio Times he would be ’embarrassed to take part’.

With yet another addition to…

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Just A Quick Note


While I’m trying to figure out the world of blogging I’ll just keep it simple. Expect to see repeated changes to the layout, theme etc while I try to make up my mind and if you happen to see a grammatical f*** up, let me know – I tend to be a bit air-headed at the best of times.

To give you a bit of an idea of who I am…

I’m a 20-something year old female from South East Queensland. As you have probably guessed my name is not ‘Maggie Mae’. I’m a bit reluctant to post pictures of myself or use my real name because I feel that writing a blog on my life might be seen as pretentious, and I supposed it is a little. So rather than throw myself into the firing line I’ll be masquerading as Maggie Mae – Stolen from the Beatles song by the same name… And yes this song is about a prostitute but that persona fits well.

If you haven’t had the chance (or have been too lazy) to have a sticky beak at my profile, here is what a short paragraph that describes me;

‘Love. Peace. Happiness.

Social Justice. Animal Rights.

I dance like no ones watching, sing like no one can hear me and love unconditionally.

I appreciate the smaller things… Rainbows, Tattoos, The smell of the rain, Smiles, Sweets, Bright objects, Poetry, Sparkles, Making people happy, A comfy bed, Long drives, Yoga, Massages, Freedom, Sunshine, Dreams and Second Chances.’

I may use a lot of Beatles references as I am, for lack of a better word, obsessed! I love everything they stand for, I love their music and well, I wouldn’t kick those boys out of bed 😉 although George is a different kettle of fish, that broody, angry look just doesn’t get me going. For now I think that pretty much sums me up, I’ll be posting regularly once I get a grip on things and have recruited a few readers. Talk soon! xo

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